Re-count due to less than 1% spread between vote's counts


October 8 – US Court of Appeal

Federal judges have blocked a lower court’s order extending the deadline for returning mail ballots in Wisconsin, requiring that absentee ballots be in the hands of election officials by the time the polls close on Election Day. Democrats will Appeal to US Supreme Court.

October 30 - Washington Federal Court

A federal judge in Washington state on Friday ordered the USPS to take “extraordinary measures” to deliver mail-in ballots in Wisconsin and Michigan in time for Election Day. Court rulings in both states say that mail-in ballots received after Election Day won’t be counted regardless of the postmark date. Other states allow ballots to be counted as long as they’re mailed on time.

Chief U.S. District Judge Stanley Bastian in Yakima, Wash., ruled that starting Sunday through Nov. 10, the Postal Service must report to his court the prior day’s “all clear” status for each facility and processing center in the Detroit area and a district covering most of Wisconsin.

If any ballots are found during an “all clear” sweep, every effort must be made to get the ballot delivered by Election Day, including First Class and Priority Mail or any other “extraordinary measures” necessary.